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laugh and learn image of kids 2The mission of Laugh and Learn Childcare program is to provide a high-quality early childhood learning program that encompasses the before school and the after school time of a child’s school day.  The programming will meet the developmental needs of children (aged 3-11) while at the same time inspiring them to love and appreciate the world of nature. Our unique  preschool curriculum combines traditional Kindergarten readiness learning with age-appropriate educational activities that are designed to teach children about the natural world, exercise and physical fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, and the importance of getting outdoors.  Our Before and After School programs combine activities age-appropriate activities designed to teach children about the natural world, exercise and physical fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, and the importance of getting outdoors.


At Laugh and Learn Childcare program, we believe that nature plays a vital role in the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of young children. Research shows that children who spend time in nature are healthier, can think more clearly, have an easier time paying attention, and have the ability to cope more effectively with stress. Childhood experiences in nature help stimulate children’s curiosity and interest in the world around them, and help them grow intellectually in their desire to better understand the world and their place in it.   We believe that children’s interactions with the natural world allow for the development of a lifetime of skills. Our preschoolers spend time outdoors almost every day, where they can fully engage all their senses in a safe and nurturing environment. On the rare occasions when the weather is too extreme for outdoor exploration, children are able to participate in active play in the gymnasium.   We also believe that children need time to be themselves. Children need ample opportunities to play, to practice and work out social skills with other children in a safe environment, and to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. We believe that helping children develop a positive self-image and become socially competent is the best foundation for their future. The experience of these early preschool years will last a lifetime.

Children are admitted into our programs regardless of sex, race, national origin, religion, political beliefs or disability.  All of our  programs are licensed through the State of Maine Child Care  Licensing Department.

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Preschool Program: Our program at Morse Street School in Freeport provides a safe and nurturing environment with experienced, dedicated teachers that allow for your children to grow, learn and prepare to enroll into kindergarten.  Our curriculum is designed in conjunction with the State of Maine’s Early Childhood Learning Guidelines. The preschool portion of the day is from 8:45 am to 11:45 4m with a snack provided in the morning.  There is availability for an extended day with before school care and after school care.  Two snacks and rest-time are provided with the extended day option. Lunch will need to be provided by the parent or school lunch can be set up with Morse Street School.

The Task Force that developed the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines (3-5) acknowledges that play, in concert with adult planning, guidance, support, and follow-up, is a vital experience of early development and promotes development of the whole child. It is important that children explore and apply new skills through experiences that are interesting, satisfying, and respectful of their desire to touch, hear, see, smell and taste. It is also important that we recognize their natural drive to use both their small and large muscles throughout each day. Through play in a content-rich environment, children not only develop social and motor skills, but also begin to make sense of the world around them, building the foundations they will need to become capable, enthusiastic learners and responsible, healthy adults.  

School Aged Program: Morse Street School (Grades K-2) Mast Landing School (Grades 3-5), Durham Community School (Grades K-5)

We provide a creative and structured environment for before school and after school at the Morse Street School, Mast Landing School, and Durham Community School.  During the morning hours your child will be allowed to let their creative side flourish with a variety of craft projects and creative centers within the classroom.  We also provide plenty of time after-school for your child to unwind outside, weather permitting, on each school’s playground equipment or gymnasium. Also, we do provide an environment for your child to do their homework and/or receive assistance with their studies.  A healthy snack is provided during the aftercare portion of the day.