Harriers 9/20 Meet: Bus Out of Service

Dear Parents and Staff,

Three busses in the district have gone out of service in the past 24 hours, and maintenance is working to get them back on the road ASAP. However, we will not have the capacity this afternoon to transport kids to the Harriers meet in Yarmouth.

Because of this, you will need to make alternate plans for your children this afternoon. The meet will still be held, and the coaches will be in attendance, wearing their iris blue and maroon shirts. The meet will begin between 4 & 4:15 p.m., and if your child plans to attend you will need to provide transportation. The teams will not meet at Durham Community or Mast Landing School.

You will need to contact your child’s school and let them know what you would like them to do: whether they should go home on the bus, be picked up at school (and by whom), or if they should attend after care as a drop-in (which you must first okay with Sarah Cass at Community Programs). Please note that the coaches may not transport children themselves.

Once at the meet, you will need to check in with your coach. You will also, as always, need to check out with them when you leave.

The meet will be held at Royal River Park, 111 E. Elm St., Yarmouth. Take Rte. 1 to Rte. 115, School St. At the end of the street, turn Right onto Main St. E. Elm St. is .3 miles ahead on the right. There is additional parking at the William H Rowe School (52 School St), but will need to walk through the park to the Elm St. entrance to find the start/finish line

Please direct questions to the most appropriate person. I will be unable to respond personally after 2 p.m.

Thank you for your understanding!

Chris Guerette, Recreation Coordinator
865-6171, ext. 25

Sarah Cass, Community Programs: 865-6171
Michelle Bosse, Morse Street School: 865-6361
Fran Townsend, Mast Landing School: 865-4561
Debi Bartlett, Durham Community School: 353-9333

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