Nor’easter heads nor’east

The storm that has been circling around Maine for more than 36 hours has finally made its way (mostly) into Canada, and we, being Mainers, seem to have weathered this one quite nicely. With that in mind, we WILL RUN many of our evening programs as scheduled. There are a few changes for this Pi Day (March 14), however:

The Falcon Girls Lacrosse Clinic will still meet from 5:30-6:30 tonight, but has been moved to the Freeport Middle School Gym.

Learning Lab classes and Conversational French II this evening have been cancelled.

Gentle and Moderate Yoga Classes this evening have also been cancelled. This one is due to an instructor illness, however, not inclement weather. Same net result, of course.

Other evening classes will run as scheduled, including Adult Recreational Basketball at FMS and Travel Sketchbook at FHS.

Let’s hope I don’t have to write another one of these until next year… π

Here we (don’t) go again!

Due to the nor’easter that has just arrived, we will be listing cancellations as they are confirmed.

All programs for Tuesday 3/13 will be cancelled. This includes youth and adult programs.

If there is no school on 3/14, all Wednesday youth after school programs will be cancelled. If we also decide to cancel any evening programs, we will announce it here.

If there is a delay, Laugh & Learn will be affected as set out in our Parent Handbook:

When the school district decides to open schools after their normal start time, there will be NO L&L before care, and preschool will run an abbreviated session. On these mornings Laugh and Learn preschool will open when Morse Street School opens. MSS usually opens at 8:35, therefore, when there is a 1-hour delay Laugh & Learn preschool will open at 9:35. Our half-day and full-day preschool sessions will begin at this time.

If there is a 2-hour delay, we will open at 10:35 and will only run our full-day preschool session (our half-day morning preschool session (8:45-11:45) will be cancelled).

Cancellations for 3/7 – 3/8

Due to the nor’easter arriving this evening, we will be listing cancellations as they are confirmed.

No Community Programs that meet directly after school on 3/7 (including Laugh & Learn After Care and Teen Treks) should be affected. You may choose to pick your child up early from these programs, but they will run until the last student is dismissed.

All evening programs on 3/7 will be cancelled. This includes: Falcon Girls’ Lacrosse Clinic and Gentle and Moderate Yoga Classes at MSS, Adult Basketball at FMS, and Travel Sketchbook and Conversational French at FHS.

There is no school on 3/8, and all Thursday programs are also cancelled.

Nothing Cancelled Yet

Temperatures have remained steady this morning, and we see no reason to cancel any basketball games this morning, so plan to play your games as scheduled this morning. Check back here periodically to see the status of Travel League games scheduled to begin after noon.

Update (12:15 p.m.): All games should be played as scheduled for 1/13. On Sunday, 1/14, all games at Westbrook High School have been moved to Westbrook Middle School.

Basketball Schedules Available

2017BBall• 3/4 Girls and Boys Rec Schedule

• 5/6 Girls Rec Schedule

• 5/6 Boys Rec Schedule

• 5/6 Boys and Girls Travel Schedules (both C Division)

• 7/8 Boys & Girls Travel Schedule (A Division & B Division) (New!)

The 7/8 (Jr. High) teams play in both A & B Divisions. The Boys have a team of 8th graders in the A Division and a team of 7th graders in the B division.

Little Hoopsters meets Saturday mornings at Freeport High School.

Basketball Schedule changes for 1/6/18

Two games have been moved today.

The 5/6 Rec Girls (Dead River) will now play at Brunswick Rec (220 Neptune Drive) at 1:30. The Brunswick Y is dealing with burst pipes.

The 5/6 Travel Girls game at the Lewiston Armory has been moved up to 3:05 p.m. to accommodate refs and fill holes in the schedule for the day.

Everything else will be played as scheduled.

36th Annual Great Osprey 10K Ocean Run Updates

As far as we know, the Osprey 10K will run as planned Saturday morning at 10. At this point, the only thing that would preclude us from running the race would be if CMP or other crews are actively working on the course at race time. Unfortunately, we cannot make that determination until just before the race. We are operating under the assumption that everything will go as planned, but as you all know, this week has offered some unexpected challenges for all of us. Thank you for your patience, and please check this website for any further updates.

Registration begins at 9 a.m.