2014 Spring/Summer Brochure!

We are pleased to share our new 2014 Spring/Summer Brochure! This season, we have a great lineup of new programs that we’re very excited about, along with all of your favorite past ones! Hard copies are being mailed on Tuesday, March 18 and live registration begins on Wednesday, March 19th!
To browse through our brochure, click the cover photo (submitted by Linda Trueworthy) below…
2014 Spring-Summer Cover

Registered Maine Guide Training at RCE!!

RCE is excited to offer a Registered Maine Guide Training Course for the first time!!! The session runs from April 10-May 22 from 6:00-9:00 pm and will be held at Freeport High School.  The cost is $400. Sign up today and become a Registered Maine Guide by summer! To register, click here.

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Upgrade your current outdoor skills in preparation to become a Registered Maine Guide in Recreation, Fishing, Hunting, Sea Kayaking or Tidewater Fishing. Course includes time in classroom, online, and two days of field training (not yet scheduled).
Topics include: being a guide, ethics, navigation, safety, trip planning, camping, Leave No Trace, laws, wildlife and plant identification, lost person and catastrophic event response.  You must apply to ME IF&W for testing and licenses separately.